Our work, relationships with our colleagues, customers and suppliers, and our business development plan are all based on core values we hold dear.

Respect, openness, fairness and health guide every action we take.


We show respect to everyone we interact with, whether they are customers, suppliers, employees, neighbours, in-store advisors. We respect the land by giving back to it as much as it gives to us. We respect equal access to goods by keeping our prices reasonable. We respect the environment by polluting as little as possible.


We are attentive to people's needs and struggles. We are always evolving and looking for ways to conciliate and collaborate. Being open helps us grow, as individuals and as a business.


We believe that no one should profit at the expense of another. We work with our suppliers and customers to ensure that profits are fairly distributed. Our company also has an internal pay equity policy. We believe that fairness and equity form the building blocks of collective happiness.


Because our mission is making products that benefit users’ health, we strive to make all our actions health-oriented. We work the land using methods that keep it healthy. We build healthy buildings and renovate with healthy materials. We recycle and compost. We want our actions to improve the health of everyone we come into contact with.

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