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Working for your health since 1978

Clef des Champs grows, harvests, transforms, bottles and distributes fresh, organic, powerful medicinal herbs.

From July 22 to August 25, 2024

A place of discovery and learning, Clef des Champs garden offers visitors an exceptional panorama at the top of a mountain in Val-David.

More than 150 species of medicinal herbs are grown here, in a unique environment.

45 years of experience and know-how
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Sustainable and responsible agriculture
A team of 40 specialists
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Nature at the heart of our values

Products that do good

Our herbal remedies come in different forms. Because all tastes are in nature.

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Find your solution

There is a medicinal plant for every health problem. Because all the solutions are in nature.

Herbalism 101

Our herbalists share their passion for medicinal plants

Our Farm

More than just a farm; an agricultural production, an extraction laboratory and an educational garden.

Agricultural Growth

Clef des Champs grows on its certified-organic farm the medicinal herbs it needs for the production of its therapeutic extracts

The Factory

Our extracts are made from fresh herbs harvested in our gardens.

Public Garden

Come live the Clef des Champs experience.

Our gardens are open to visitors from mid-July to mid-August.

Chardon-Marie Cafe

During the summer, come and meet our herbalists for personal consultation.

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