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The quantity of sleep necessary for health varies from person to person, but one thing is certain, many people don’t sleep as well, as deeply and as long as they need to for their health and well-being. To improve the quality and quantity of sleep, it is best to vary the herbs, doses and preparations because even the best solutions lose their efficiency over time. For occasional sleepless nights, mild herbs like camomile and lavender are helpful. For agitated sleep, try some relaxing herbs like lemonbalm and catnip, whereas chronic insomnia is better relieved by stronger herbs such as passionflower, California poppy and skullcap. Improve your lifestyle, eat a light evening meal, avoid stressful activities in the evening, turn off your screens and find the herb that works for you!

Pour un soulagement quotidien

En herboristerie traditionnelle on aime bien combiner plusieurs produits, pour travailler différents angles d’un problème de santé.

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