A Nordic herb that stimulates concentration, memory and mental acuity

Isolation, stress and the lack of human contact are turning my brain to mush. I think at the speed of molasses, my mind is wandering and can’t stay focused on anything. Making any decision, even the simplest one, is like climbing a mountain. I have little concentration and few interests. It feels like my world is shrinking. I need rhodiola.

Rhodiola is the adaptogen that has the greatest affinity for the brain. It increases our cognitive functions and our capacity to think. It helps us accomplish complex intellectual tasks that require a focused train of thought. It increases our learning capacity, very useful these days when we must change the way we work, study and communicate in order to adapt rapid changes in our society.

Rhodiola increases concentration and memory, especially when they are affected by stress, be it emotional, psychological, physical or mental. In these troubled times, when it is difficult to know what to make of all the information we are bombarded with, as our lives go from a yellow zone to red zone in the blink of a press conference, rhodiola helps us keep a clear head. As a protector of the brain and neurons, it decreases the damaging effects of long-term stress on the body and the nervous system.

As well as rebooting our intellect, rhodiola decreases mental fatigue, enhancing our performance without getting tired. It also decreases anxiety and mild depression. All this improves our well-being.

Rhodiola’s Latin name is Rhodiola rosea but it is commonly called Pink root because its root has a pink tinge. It is a Nordic plant that enjoys northern climes and the cool temperatures of Spring and Fall. I wouldn’t say that rhodiola makes everything rosy but by rekindling the intellect, it certainly can spark up our lives.

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