Flowers against hot flashes!

Women’s bodies are conceived to remain healthy during the menopausal transition, which doesn’t mean it will go without annoyance. As we live longer than our foremothers, have fewer children and have very active personal and professional lives, we must offer our body the proper conditions to help it regain balance after menopause so that we can move forward with ease. Note that the word menopause contains the word pause… It is time to cut down on certain stressful activities, reduce the workload on our digestive system by removing irritating foods, heavy meals or eating on the go. Menopause is a time to catch our breath, take a breather and decide on the rhythm we wish to adopt for the coming decades.

The heart, liver and skeletal muscles are the key players in a smooth transition through menopause. Decongesting the liver with tonic plants like milk thistle, stimulating blood circulation with toning exercises and activating cardio-vascular capacity will allow the body to regain its balance.

Here are a few herbs that help get through this period smoothly, in strength and harmony.

Nettles and Green oats tea: to regain energy, ease adaptation to change, reduce stress that comes with fatigue, drink these two together or alternately for many weeks.

Menopausix extract: a compound of herbs specific for the troubles of menopause. It eases transition to the end of menstruation, reduces the intensity of hot flashes and contains nutrients that bring balance after menopause. Use for many weeks, according to the recommended dosage.

Yarrow extract: This is a wonderful uterine tonic, a hormone regulator that decreases the intensity and duration of hot flashes. It is used long term, according to the recommended dosage.

Shepherd’s purse and Yarrow extracts: to prevent overabundant, hemorrhagic or very long menstruation. Use as needed, according to the recommended dosage.

Lemonbalm and Calmix extracts: help relax enough to get to sleep, stay calm and concentrate during the day. Use as needed, according to the recommended dosage.

Skullcap and Black cohosh extracts: for symptoms of menopause accompanied by anxiety, great stress, moral fatigue and distress. Use as needed, according to the recommended dosage.

Motherwort and St-John’s wort extracts: to perk up your drive, regain confidence, fight fatigue, discouragement and dark moods. Used as needed, according to the recommended dosage.

Holy basil extract: to improve memory and concentration and find your focus. Holy basil is a wonderful tonic that acts very gently. Used alone or with nettles and green oats, for many weeks.

During this transition period, when night (or day!) sweats are bothersome, when the mood swings hourly, when the skin is drying up and the nerves are on edge, it’s time to reach for the herbal arsenal to regulate hormone levels. The herbs temporarily support hormone balance, stimulate the organs and promote relaxation. They can also normalise irregular periods, decrease hot flashes, heart palpitations and anxiety attacks. Slowly but surely, if we relieve tension and activate circulation, we become ourselves again.

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